helping with laundry

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our not so favorite things

2 months and 4 days after we left our marina in Palm Beach Gardens we are finally home. Before the flight we had one last Bahamian meal – cracked conch and Kalik. We boarded

home sweet home

Tonight marks the first night we will no longer stay on the boat and it’s quite a surreal feeling.  We have the delivery captain coming in the morning to take the boat

leaving on a jet plane

Today we checked out the second snorkeling location that we found on our scouting adventure last week. This spot didn’t have as much coral, sponges or sea fans…. but it had a

spotted eagle ray

One of us FINALLY convinced the other it was time to call a mechanic. He came out yesterday. tested the alternator and found an issue with it. He took it to an alternator


S/V Database is our home on the water.  She is a Westsail 32′ built in 1974 with a factory finished interior and a cutter rig.  Our sail inventory consists of a jib,

Not so productive day

Our home in Nassau is the Nassau Yacht Haven []. Today we walked down to the cruise ships. There were 5 ships in the port, so there were

our track so far

We are planning to leave Bimini this morning around 10 AM and head to Nassau. There are 4 other sailboats here who have the same plan, so we’re all going together. The

We have arrived!

Just a quick update – three other sailboats pulled in next to us in the past 24 hours and one of them asked a local for some conch and when he arrived to deliver

Where are we?

After living on the boat for almost a month we’ve found quite a few differences from every day life at home. * Hitting your head happens daily. I’m surprised one of us

Hello Bimini

While we’re in Miami we spent an afternoon at the Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium []. We saw a Planetarium show, walked through the wildlife center and did


Last night we stumbled upon more big margaritas []… and they were 2 for 1.