WARNING: This post contains some grossness!

The Prickett girls are tore up. Emma started spitting up A LOT the other day. She has always spit up a little, but now at least once a day she spits up enough to completely soak herself. Head to toe. Front to back. Plus whoever or whatever is holding her. I’m convinced it’s related to the rash and my diet. I was an emotional mess yesterday over the spitting up even though it doesn’t seem 20131116-124326.jpg](GHOST_URL/content/images/2013/11/20131116-124326.jpg)

Things couldn’t get any worse. WRONG! I’m pretty sure I have food poisoning, plus the chills. Braden had his hands full in the wee hours of the morning between me running to the bathroom, and Emma spitting up. After Emma and I woke up from a morning nap Braden said now he isn’t feeling good. Oh boy!

I’m hoping we start feeling better soon… like today.