Gimmick? Maybe. I stumbled upon this through all my extensive baby reading. The premise of the Wonder Weeks is that babies go through physical growth spurts, but also mental and developmental growth spurts ( or leaps ). During this time they are extra clingy, fussy and their sleep may be all over the place. Emma has been all of these the last two weeks. It may be selfish, but I really miss my two long naps every day.

While this may be a total scam to get people to by the iPhone app and book ( which I did ), it has been totally accurate twice for Emma. The baby on the chart shows where Emma is in her mental development. The black indicates the leaps, which are also accompanied by the three C’s – clinginess, crankiness and crying.


I have definitely noticed that she has acquired some new skills over the last two weeks. While its fun to see her do these new things I am definitely looking forward to a break in the crankiness and crying.

  • Holds her head upright when she is alert
  • Consciously turns her head toward something interesting
  • Kicks her legs and waves her arms
  • Tries to lift her head and body when lying facedown
  • Touches and feels objects without holding them
  • Discovers hands
  • Watches people moving or working
  • Enjoys watching fast-moving images on TV
  • Chats to and smiles at toys
  • Makes a series of sounds, mumbles, and gurgles, as if she is telling a story