We started watching Burn Notice a couple years ago when Braden was travelling, and sat next to a lady that was on the show. As a side note – he couldn’t remember what she looks like, so we’re not sure if we’ve ever seen her on the show.

On our trip last year we stayed at Dinner Key Marina. This is one of the places where Burn Notice films A LOT, including the episode this week.

The parking lot between the marina and City Hall have a bunch of reserved parking spots for the show.

If you watched the show this week you probably wouldn’t have noticed that the bad guy was driving around in a black Ford Excursion Limited. We did. Braden is convinced it was his car since it probably was in Miami at the time of filming, and there aren’t that many Ford Excursions around. I’m not totally convinced since there are a couple of little differences… but Braden came up with explanations for all of them.

So… Braden’s car is famous!