the bus

summer days

There won't be much to post the next couple days because this is all we will be doing. Plus some time at the petting zoo, ice cream, arcade, candy bar bingo and maybe

waterpark camping

Our last camping trip of the summer is at one of the girls favorite campgrounds. I'm pretty sure it is Braden's least favorite of all time, but I agree with the girls... I

heading north

We snuck in an extra day in Texas and started heading home this morning. This time we took a different route through Dallas. We had a lot of places we wanted to visit


It wouldn't really be a summer roadtrip if we weren't traveling with monarch caterpillars. I looked all summer and couldn't find a single one. The night before we were leaving for Texas Olivia


We got there right after it opened. Stayed all day in a cabana. We left after it closed. We were all too busy riding waterslides to get very many photos. Grabbed dinner at