mn state fair

Man... I forgot how much I love the state fair until we were on the bus ride from the parking lot to the gates. We got a late start this afternoon, so we


Our monarch caterpillar finding got off to slow start this summer. Our first one hatched this week. I tried to get a picture of Olivia releasing it, but it took off before I

snake discovery

Emma has been very interested in snakes lately. A couple weeks ago I was Googling places you could hold or touch snakes and came across a place called Snake Discovery 30 minutes from

summer finale

I can't believe how fast this summer went by. Monday the girls have open house and get to meet their teachers. Next Tuesday they start school. We certainly packed a whole lot of

summer days

There won't be much to post the next couple days because this is all we will be doing. Plus some time at the petting zoo, ice cream, arcade, candy bar bingo and maybe