It was supposed to rain all day yesterday, so we headed to the museum since we hadn’t b](GHOST_URL/content/images](GHOST_URL/content/images](GHOST_URL/content/images](GHOST_URL/content/images/2015/06/IMG_2808.jpg)

Emma is not aggressive at all. A kid can take a toy right out of her hand and she will just go find something else without a problem.  The bus is a whole different story. She waited patiently through two other kids for her turn to drive. As she was getting ready to climb into the drivers seat some kid pushed past her and got up there. She looked right at him and said “my turn!”. You don’t mess with Emma and the bus. Luckily the mother was paying attention and got her kid down. We came back to drive the bus three times bef](GHOST_URL/content/images](GHOST_URL/content/images](GHOST_URL/content/images/2015/06/IMG_2826.jpg)