Posted by Erin on August 21, 2009

I had to turn the flash off to take these pictures, so some of them maybe a little dark and blurry. But I figured you could at least get an idea of what everything looks like.

( 1 ) This is the anchor with the skinnier rope. Looks much better… and its easier to tie.

( 2 ) This is the sample invitation closed.

( 3 ) This is the sample invitation open.

( 4 ) Bottom portion of the invitation. I used just about one full piece of the creme paper to make all this. I would also need to add the RSVP card to the pocket.

( 5 ) Close up of the actual invitation. I hate when you get invitations that you can barely read the font. I thought this font was pretty and easy to read.

Experimental Invitation Section

Experiment #1: I couldn’t decide on this. I was thinking when I was laying in bed last night that maybe if I did the anchor a little lighter it would look better. I haven’t tried it yet.

Experiment #2: I think it looks kind of funny.

Experiment #3: Same as the last one with a darker anchor. Still don’t like it. Plus I need to get a better anchor picture. When I tried to make this one bigger it made it all blocky.

Experiment #4: This is my favorite of all the experiments. I was even thinking if I used the first picture and just turned the anchor like this it would look good. But I haven’t tried it.

Experiment #5: I tried to use the anchor punch with a navy anchor. But to fit it all on the top portion I had to make the font smaller. The anchor was too big with that size font. I think it looks good with the font size I have on there now, but it won’t fit.