Today was tile laying day. Luckily we had just enough tile left over from when we did the living room 5 years ago. Its a good thing I saved it, and knew where to find it in the garage.


Braden’s first reaction to the kitchen when he got home last night was… "Our kitchen just went from zero to badass." Then we realized the peninsula was going to stick out just about half of the kitchen. Basically the only way into the kitchen would be where the dining room used to be. Uh oh…

So today after they laid the tile I asked if they could bring the cabinets in and put them where they would go. This way we could see how it would be before they came back on Monday. Our dilemma is we don’t really have any drawers… except on the peninsula.

We pretty much have 3 options…

( 1 ) Leave it as is.

( 2 ) Order a shorter 2 drawer cabinet… which would take weeks. We’ve already been without a kitchen for weeks, and it was much more annoying than I thought it would be.

( 3 ) As much as it pains me to say it… either take out the 2 drawer cabinet or the spice rack, and leave the others.