how i spend my day

Now that Emma and I have been on our own for a few weeks we’ve settled into a routine. We wake up in the morning, eat, take our morning nap, wake up for some lunch and playtime, then an afternoon snack followed by our afternoon nap, wake up for dinner, playtime with daddy, dessert, snacks, then its bedtime. This routine is great, except that bedtime is anywhere between 1 AM and 3:30 AM. It doesn’t matter how much napping I do during the day… that bedtime is painful. We’re on day two of trying to shift our schedule, so we’ll see how tonight goes.

Being on our own means I have become a master at multitasking since most things are easier while she is napping… and I want to nap. I think I was pretty good before, but now its amazing what I can accomplish at once. There are some things that I really need to get done. The faster I can get them done the sooner I can nap. I never know how long I have, so speed is important. There is nothing worse than just crawling into bed, getting all comfortable, and hearing her cry. It has happened.

Even with my stellar multitasking abilities there are things that rarely get done – like straightening up the house or showering.

I usually apologize to visitors about our messy house… but I don’t really mean it. Its messy. I’d rather take a nap. Occasionally I get some cleaning done, but only when it gets to a point that I can’t stand it anymore.

If I can get in a shower, its a good day. If I can get in a shower AND brush my teeth, its a great day. Today was a great day.

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