Posted by Erin on June 5, 2010

Our honeymoon really didn’t get started until Wednesday… so I’m only giving a summary of the first three days.

Sunday: We spent the morning / early afternoon at the resort with family, then headed home to open wedding presents and just lay around the house

Monday: We went out to the boat to finish getting things ready… the inside was cleaned, and the new cushions were put in. We also loaded all of the items we bought at Costco earlier in the week…

  • 2 cases of water
  • 2 cases of beer
  • 2 cases of Diet Dr. Pepper
  • 5 bottles of wine
  • 1 case of Diet Pepsi
  • 1 case of Coke Zero
  • Assorted cleaning supplies
  • Assorted food items

Tuesday: Originally we planned to leave on Tuesday, but there was still some last minute shopping needed for necessary items.  We went to Walmart, Costco and Gander Mountain.  We also bought a new camera, which we had been eyeing for months, as a wedding present to each other.

Then to Wednesday… after getting up early, we spent the better part of the morning loading the boat with all the necessities ( clothes, Ethel, food, ice, fuel, etc. ).  Wednesday turned out to be a day of many firsts for us… and the boat.

  • Ethel’s first time on the boat

  • First time actually driving the boat

  • First time leaving Indiantown Marina

  • First time through a lock ( St. Lucie Lock )

  • First time opening a bridge ( which we would do a lot over the next two days )

  • First time anchoring ( at Peck Lake )

  • First meal on the boat ( Grilled cheese sandwiches )

We anchored at Peck Lake for the evening and had a couple Coronas on deck to watch the sunset. We didn’t realize how late it was getting, so by the time we got around to dinner it was already 9:00 PM. I made a quick lentil frito pie… and it was delicious. Then it was off to bed to get ready for the next day down to Riviera Beach.

Ethel spent almost the entire day in her crate. She did finally get out at 1:00 AM to come lay in bed with us.