hello parker

In an attempt to help Emma get through the sadness of Birdie getting adopted we got a new foster right away. This is Parker.

He recently survived a house fire by hiding under clothes in the closet. His family had to move into a hotel and weren't able to keep him, so he ended up in a shelter. The shelter said he was very depressed, wouldn't eat and would just sit in his cage with his face in the corner. They were looking for a family with kids who would give him a lot of attention since he came from a family with kids. Pretty sure we could handle that...

Apparently Emma is some sort of cat whisperer because by the second day he was already sleeping in her bed at night.

Usually we only foster kittens, but we're getting very close to camping season and don't have the time to go through all the vetting required to get a kitten adopted. This guy is so pretty so I have no doubt he will get adopted quickly.