fun weekend

What a fun weekend! We made new friends, had tons of fun and ate lots of s'mores. Apparently I got a lot of pictures of Olivia and only a few of Emma. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I've never been a fan of s'mores... but I can eat a ton of these.

On our way home from Duluth after Memorial Day weekend a deer ran across the highway in front of our bus. We saw it in time and Braden was able to slow down enough to miss it.  Today... we (and the deer) weren't as lucky. 🥺 We've had the bus for 5 years and never had a deer run in front of the bus. This summer we've had 2. I was envisioning a deer and guts all over the front of the bus, so I was very happy to see just small dent in the front. Whew... Let's hope that never happens again.