Now that Emma is 6 months we get to have some fun with trying different fruits and vegetables.  She has tried a bunch, and usually makes a face and gags the first time with everything.

Avocado – yuck.  To be fair to the avocado, I only tried it once.  


Sweet Potato – loved it!

Applesauce – yuck.  I think it may have been the texture.  I bought some baby food apples, so we’ll try those instead.

Peas – YUCK.  We tried them two nights in a row and decided to wait to try them again.  She really didn’t like them.

Butternut Squash – ok.  She doesn’t love it like the sweet potato, but doesn’t hate it like the peas.

Bananas – yuck.  She tried them for the first time this morning, so we’ll try again tomorrow.