Lots of progress on the baby room! There is still work to be done, but its getting there…. slowly.  Last week I recovered the window cornice to match the baby bedding.

Yesterday Braden and I started the wall paneling! Panels are all up, now we just need to finish off the top rails and paint.

I don’t know if its the extra weight I’m carrying around, the fact that I haven’t been working out ( except for walks around the neighborhood a couple days a week ), or a combination… but I am sore after a couple hours of work. On the bright side… my quads got an awesome work out.

Due to my exhaustion I didn’t get a good picture of the panels before I put everything back in the room. At that point I was ready to clean up, shower and go to bed. Next time…

Next up…. patching nail holes, finishing the top rail, painting and book wall shelves.