In case you want to compare to](http://bradenanderin.com/content/images/2016/03/img_8358.jpg)

Before the Easter bunny we stopped to see the din](http://bradenanderin.com/content/images/2](http://bradenanderin.com/content/images/2016/03/img_8328-1.jpg)

After the bunny Emma ](http://bradenanderin.com/content/images](http://bradenanderin.com/content/images/2](http://bradenanderin.com/content/images/2016/03/img_8350-2.jpg)

Of course, a trip to the mall of America wouldn’t be complete without a ride on the carousel. Emma was really upset that we had to sit on the bench. They wouldn’t let me ride with Olivia in a carrier. They are such sticklers for the rules. A nice lady offered to help me, but I didn’t feel right leaving Olivia or ](http://bradenanderin.com/content/images/2016/03/img_8332.jpg)

On our way home we ](http://bradenanderin.com/content/images/2016/03/img_8353.jpg)