For the last year we’ve been talking about ( and needing to ) take the boat north to Indiantown to haul it out of the water.  We kept putting it off… and putting it off. At this point I really have no desire to make the two day trip up the Intracoastal on the boat.

Luckily I came up with a brilliant idea! Braden’s brother Michael is visiting for spring break… what better way to bond as brothers than to make a two day trip on the boat to Indiantown?

They pulled out of the marina early this morning after a few days of working on the engine, provisioning and cleaning up the cabin. Its been more than a year since the boat has left the dock, but Braden impressively manuevered it out of the slip like a pro.

After they were on their way I headed up to the next bridge to get some pictures. They will have four bridges to open on day 1 of this trip.

Our marina has several locations, including one in Stuart ( approximately 25 miles from our marina in Palm Beach Gardens ). They plan to spend the night at the marina in Stuart, and then finish the trip to Indiantown in the morning.

I left Michael with all my boat duties while Braden drives. Hopefully he is taking some good pictures!