Big progress made in the baby room! If you were at our house this weekend you were put to work on something baby related – no exemptions.

The wall panels got a second ( and final ) coat of paint just in time for my mom to get here.


My mom painted the walls pink. I was a little nervous about the color when I saw it at Home Depot under those florescent lights, but on the walls in the room it is perfect.

Most of our friends have babies, and have been extremely generous with hand me down clothes or any other baby items they’re looking to get rid of. My sister washed, folded and organized the clothes in the dresser.

The closet got doors! When we bought the place every bedroom had mirrored closet doors, and most of the mirrors were broken. All the rooms got new doors years ago, except this one. I even found cute flower knobs to go with the decor.

Finally… the crib moved out of our bedroom and into the baby room.

There are a few decorating things left to do ( rug, hang the quilt, etc. ), plus the bookshelves… but the biggest, most important things are done!