A few weeks ago we got two bird feeders for the backyard. I had no idea we would attract so many cool birds… and other wildlife. We got a Birds of Minnesota book and I’ve been trying to keep track of all the birds we’re getting. Our backyard is a pretty happening place.

Brown-headed Cowbird ( male and female )



Mourning Doves


Red-bellied Woodpecker ( female )


Rose-breasted Grosbeak ( 3 males and 2 females ). At the zoo they have these in one of the exhibits in the Minnesota section… needless to say, we bypassed that exhibit.




Downy Woodpecker ( female )


White-throated Sparrow ( white-striped )


Northern Cardinal


White-breasted Nuthatch


American Goldfinch ( 3 males and 2 females )


Mallards. Apparently these guys thought the puddle in our driveway was a good place to stop for a bath.


Not pictured: Robin, Chickadee, Hummingbird

In addition to the birds we’ve been getting some other wildlife in our yard ( and the neighbors yard ).