Here is a very brief description of our current "sabbatical":

It’s always been Braden’s dream to travel around on a sailboat.  The destination has never been too important, just the trip itself.  Erin likes to travel and has always had some romantic idea of sailing off into the sunset.

Several years ago we purchased a small 24′ Islander sailboat and began to learn how to sail.  Not experts by any stretch, we decided after a couple years that we would move up to something bigger that might take us beyond our existing home base.  We needed something that would be forgiving and that was cheap enough to not have an additional loan.

A Westsail 32′ in California met our requirements, but was a bank repossession and needed a lot of love.  For two years we spent weekends, holidays and a lot of spare time in between putting the pieces together.  Database is her name and she has now taken us twice to the Bahamas and will undoubtedly take us just about anywhere we want to go.

We took 3 months off from work with the intention of traveling over to the Exumas.  We are somewhere on this journey as documented by this website.  Please hit the "contact us" link to get in touch. We may not have access to the internet for stretches of time, but we’ll make sure and get back to you.