adios comcast

Well… that didn’t last long. Our internet was out again today. That is twice in 2 days! I called AT&T told them I loved them but they were too expensive and I was going to have to cancel. The very nice lady upgraded my service AND gave me a huge discount. Have I told you how much I love AT&T? I called Comcast and in my nicest, non-agitated tone told them to cancel my service. “Can we keep you if we give you a $5 a month discount?” Uh… NO. You can’t keep me if you gave me free service.

There was no way I was waiting for Braden to get home. I plugged all the AT&T stuff back in. Then I did a happy 20140124-144718.jpg](GHOST_URL/content/images/2014/01/20140124-144718.jpg)