9 weeks

Guess who slept for 6 1/2 hours two nights in a row! Before I would be annoyed to wake up and see that it was only 6 AM. Now I high five myself that I made it all the way to 6 IMG_15980/IMG_1598-576x1024.jpg)](/content/images/2013/10/IMG_1598.jpg)

I really try not to get my hopes up when it comes to sleeping. I never know when I put her down if she is going to sleep for 10 minutes or 4+ hours. It never fails that when she falls asleep, and I start planning what I’m going to do with the next couple hours that she is awake. So… I always expect it will be a short nap.

I’ve been very lucky she slept for a long time two nights in a row, but I’m not getting my hopes up for a third.