can you say zoo?

I asked Emma yesterday if she wanted to go to the zoo, and she said zoo…. so that pretty much decided it.

This was the first time we’ve been to the zoo since school started last week.  It was DEAD. That meant Emma could walk around all she wanted and I didn’t have to worry about her getting trampleIMG_56589/IMG_5658-768x1024.jpg)](/content/images/2014/09/IMG_5658.jpg)

Most of the animals were out and about, and she waved hiIMG_57109/IMG_5710-768x1024.jpg)](/content/imagesIMG_56949/IMG_5694-768x1024.jpg)](/content/imagesIMG_56739/IMG_5673-768x1024.jpg)](/content/imagesIMG_56419/IMG_5641-768x1024.jpg)](/content/images/IMG_56919/IMG_5691-768x1024.jpg)](/content/images/2014/09/IMG_5691.jpg)